Take Your Selfies to the Next Level with the Cheapest Drone Available

Drones and autonomous machines are very much going to be a part of our future personal mobility. But for now, Automologist Erika brings us news about a really affordable drone that is easy to use and portable for a very fun purpose.

Selfie stick? That’s so 2017! Imagine having a mini drone that can fit inside your pocket and being able to use it in so many different ways via your smartphone. Now you can post those ultimate selfies on your social media and make everyone wonder how’d you got that shot. Your average selfie will be on a whole other level with the cheapest drone, the DroneX Pro.

If you thought you couldn’t be one of the privileged few to have your own drone, you just might be able to purchase one for yourself this holiday season. Unlike those big, bulky and expensive drones that we’ve seen out in the market, this one is just as big as your average smartphone and is much more affordable too.

Philippine Inventor Invents Personal Passenger Drone.


Picture a brand new type of drone made especially for beginners like you and me:

This drone was the ingenious idea of two engineers who loved drones but hated the hassle of having to travel with drones that were too heavy and difficult to pack. Without sacrificing the quality of the more expensive models (think US$3,000!) the DroneX Pro has so many features:

  • Altitude Hold for stable flight and steady landing;
  • Wi-Fi FPV (First Person View) for easy smartphone controls;
  • Video and selfie features that take amazing footage;
  • 6-Axis Gyro for self-stabilisation technology;
  • 3D rolls and flips for agile movement and precise positioning;
  • Headless Mode: breakthrough remote control technology.

But to sum it all up, its main features are really portability, ease of use, the HD Camera and its value for your money. And to make it even better, this drone is made of ABS plastic, making it much, much lighter than other drones and almost indestructible. For such a tiny pocket drone, the DroneX Pro can also fly up to 2 kilometers and the battery can last up to 10 minutes for each flight.

Worried it will take forever before your first flight? No need. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to set up. The steps are to: install an app on your phone; plug in the battery; open the app; and connect your drone. Once you’ve done these, you’ll be flying in 3, 2, 1…

Just think of all the cool photos and videos you can take, and the fun of flying a drone this small, compact and easy to control. All these would make the US$200 worth it!

Moving from selfies to personal mobility, I see the demise of traditional automobiles in the very near future. Few years from now, the new mode of transport and mobility will be drones and driverless (autonomous) vehicles. I am beginning to wonder where will all the conventional vehicles will go? To the dumpsite?

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