Survey Shows We Learn Bad Driving From Our Parents

Here’s another thing that we can apparently blame our parents for…bad driving.

It’s a fact that our parents’ behaviour shape the way we are. Scrap Car Comparison set out to see whether this is also true when it comes to driving. The online site surveyed over 1,000 drivers and compared their driving habits to their parents’ to find out if there was any correlation.

At first glance, it looks like the kids were, in general, better drivers than their parents. Over 36% of the parents have been pulled over by the police compared to 33% of younger drivers. 27% of the younger drivers have penalty points on their licence while 36% of the parents had penalty points. That said, the parents could have been driving a lot longer than their kids and have had more time to make mistakes.

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The study did find, though, that 66% of “bad” drivers in the younger group had parents or guardians who had broken traffic law within the last ten years of the study. 51% of those who were required to attend a speed awareness course (as a result of bad driving) also had parents who were required to attend the same course, but only 11% of those who were required to take the course had road-law-abiding parents.

And 3 in 5 of those who had been pulled over by police said that parents had also been pulled over before too. The bad driving habit that is most commonly learnt from parents is speeding, with 55% of them citing their parents as the reason they drive fast. Road rage comes second at 49%  followed by poor spacial at 24%.

However, not everyone with good driving habits credit their parents for it. Only 36% of those who drive within speed limit, 38% of drivers stay calm behind the wheel and 35% of those who do not hog the lane said they got the habit from their parents.

Although the study concluded that “bad driving definitely is hereditary”, this writer proposes that there has to come a time when you have to grow up and stop blaming your parents for your shortcomings.

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