Sultan of Johor gets a Harley-Davidson made of Solid Wood!

His Royal Highness Sultan Ibrahim of Johor, Malaysia recently received an incredible gift in the shape of a Harley-Davidson. This is no ordinary H-D as it is completely made of solid timber wood. How’s that for a work of art?

Some of you may have read our article on the Sultan’s Flintstone car  and this new gift will definitely be a nice addition to His Majesty’s collection of vehicles.

The gift was to presented to the Sultan by community leader S.Deva at the Istana Pasir Pelangi in Johor Bahru. Deva said it was given as appreciation to Tuanku Sultan Ibrahim, whom he described as a person who cares for all Johoreans irrespective of their race or religion.

The replica weighs 500kg and its details are a sight to behold. Deva said he decided to undertake this project together with a friend from Bergamo Group that has 17 years of experience in the timber industry.

“It has been my dream to present His Majesty with a Harley-Davidson wooden replica as it is well-known that he has a personal collection and I have also been invited to join his Kembara Mahkota Johor (KMJ) entourage for the past five years,” he added.

Image credit – Royal Press Office of the State of Johor
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