Subaru Pulls Rudely Named Forester

Automologist MAC is chuckling at Subaru’s boo boo.

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Over in Americaland, Subaru has issued a letter of apology to their dealer network after a special edition Forester with a very inappropriate moniker was revealed at the 2020 Singapore Motor Show, despite claiming to have had nothing to do with the naming of the vehicle.

The vehicle was billed as the Forester Ultimate Custom Kit Special and referred to by the initials in bold. Of course, in most places around the world, this would be considered an inappropriate, perhaps obscene, name for a mode of transport….unless it had just broken down, of course.

The rudely named Forester has received some serious modifications compared to a standard one. It has an STI interior, neon lights underneath, sporty body kit, and 20-inch Enkkei wheels all on a much lowered suspension. On top of that, it also has a touchscreen-operated stereo that is allegedly loud enough to make you say FLIPPING HECK or something like that.

Apparently, Subaru USA described the naming as an unfortunate situation that had “nothing to do with Subaru of North America nor Subaru Corporation”. They added that the incident did not reflect on the values and standards that the company hold true. They also added an apology for any embarrassment caused. Well, it does seem to me that they do protest too much. Get a life guys, it was funny………

The vehicle’s name was pulled pretty rapidly but not before some mischievous netizens had put it out there.

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