Study Find That Car Owners Consider Their Car a “Friend”. Some Choose It Over Their Partner.

There are a few things that humans anthropomorphise more than others: dogs, of course, and cars. A survey by Cooper Tires found that 64% of American car owners surveyed consider their car as a friend. (So, it’s not weird that this writer talks to hers. Phew.)

Well, of course people think so fondly of their cars—the study found that car owners spend an average of eight hours and 22 minutes every week in their car; that’s longer than some people do with their partners. Speaking of which, 13% actually said they would break up with their partner before parting with their car. Woah. (In such cases, I’d say the relationship has issues, and the car is innocent.)

And the love between Man and car is unconditional. 21% would rather go to jail for a day than have their car totalled; 15% would rather break a bone in their body than see their car break down (ok, that’s a bit much).

This emotional attachment to your car is easily explained. A car requires significant financial investment and, as mentioned earlier, you spend a good number of hours in it.

It also represents major milestones in your life, starting with getting the car itself to first dates and bringing your newborn home in it. The car becomes the setting and sometimes even the enabler for such events to occur. Some of the best memories that the survey respondents had in their cars include “that feeling of freedom driving around as a teen” and “…when I’d take my children riding out to look at all the Christmas decorations while riding around the neighbourhoods in my car”.

Despite car owners’ apparent love for their car, not all take care of it. Only 59% perform scheduled maintenance and safety checks. Ah, just like any other relationship, folks, take care of it before it starts breaking down.

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