Stop Engine Damage NOW!

Automologist MAC has ONE simple trick to keep your engine in tip top condition.

It doesn’t matter how good your oil is. When you stop your car, the oil drains out of the engine into the sump; then, the next time you start your car, the oil is in the wrong place and, worse, is too cold to effectively protect your engine. What this means is that when you start your car, the engine is not fully protected as it takes up to 20 minutes for the oil to go to work effectively.


Most oil experts will tell you this is when 70% to 80% of damaging engine wear takes place, as the oil is coming to temperature and getting circulated out of the oil sump and into the business end of the engine, leaving critical parts of your engine vulnerable to damage and wear.

Back in the old days, I remember my father starting his car in the morning and before he puts it into gear, he would fill his pipe with tobacco and have a smoke as he waited for the engine to come up to temperature. Nowadays you don’t need to do that. Simply add a bottle of X-1R Engine Treatment to get total engine protection.

X-1R has created a product that is packed full of cutting-edge science so that the product stays attached to and even absorbed into the metal of your engine, forming an extra layer of protection that gives your engine effective lubrication and protection from the moment that you turn the key, or even press the start button.

When I was first told about this, I wanted the proof. Well the industry tests available on the X-1R website prove without a doubt that by using X-1R, the metal in your engine becomes smoother as the Engine Treatment is absorbed into the metal whilst eliminating power-robbing friction from your engine.  

By simply adding one small bottle into your engine, there is another amazing benefit: with a smoother engine you get less friction, and with less friction you will save fuel and reduce exhaust emissions, something that we are all concerned about during our daily commute. The range of products is in fact so good that it has been adopted and specified for use by some of the world’s leading engineering organisations, such as NASA who has been using the X-1R product range to help launch Astronauts into space for 21 years now.

I guess that is why X-1R says its Engine Treatment is like vitamins for your car.


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