Steve McQueen’s Beach Buggy goes to Auction

The little orange and highly customized Beach Buggy that was driven by Steve McQueen with Faye Dunaway as a passenger in the film “The Thomas Crown Affair” has just been auctioned off by Bonhams at their Amelia Island Auction.

The Meyers Manx Dune Buggy, to give it the correct title, featured in the 1968 film and sold for a reasonable USD456,000. Well, that is if you think a cut-down Volkswagen Beetle without a roof is worth that much, even if the legendary speed freak Steve McQueen had driven it.

Like he had just gotten out of it.

The Meyers Manx was only ever sold as a kit car and was basically a fibreglass body stuck on top of a shortened VW Beetle floorpan. The Steve McQueen version, though, had the somewhat underpowered VW engine replaced with a 2.7-litre Chevrolet Corvair Engine, which was a rare rear engine flat-six sold by Chevrolet. The car had recessed lights and a quilted leather interior along with two brake levers that allowed the driver to break just the left or right rear wheels and thus do some fancy trick driving.

Back in January, the Mustang driven by McQueen was also sold at auction and that went for an astounding USD3.74 million. But if you want to get hold of some Steve McQueen automotive memorabilia, you may have to wait for some time, according to Bonhams, as just about all other cars linked to the late Hollywood speed freak are in long term collections.

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