Can’t afford a home? Why not sleep in a Proton Iriz?

proton iriz

Posted on TikTok with the aptly named account @guylivingincar, a Malaysian man has shown off what it’s like to live in a Proton Iriz.

Mushamir is a 32-year-old Malaysian was inspired to kick this new accommodation into gear after watching a YouTube video. Giving a tour of his mobile home, the man has transformed the back of his car into a living space where he sleeps, games, and we assume, entertains.

He uses a generator to power electronics and has an ice box to keep things cool. To our surprise, he has a job in an office where he goes to use the toilet in the morning to shower.

proton iriz

In other interviews he mentions that he showers in public restrooms, gyms, and petrol stations too.

While he was inspired to move into his car by someone on YouTube, he says the main benefit of living in his car is the cost savings.

He’s able to save RM2,000 by living in his car, but what he plans to do with that cash is anyone’s guess. He told reporters at HM that he hadn’t thought about life after the Proton Iriz, but wants to upgrade his car if given the opportunity.

Let’s assume he’s going for a comfy Perodua Alza, the starting price is RM62,500 only with a downpayment of RM6,000 he’ll be living in comfort in only 3 months.

He’ll also be saddled with debt for 5 to 9 years, which is a lot like paying rent, which he tried to escape in the first place.

Maybe the Proton Iriz will sell for a good price given that it’s viral now and has the potential to be turned into a home.

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