Skillful Drivers Can Reduce Air Pollution

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Automologist MAC is an experienced driver but he might not be the “cleanest”…

Living in Southeast Asia right now is not so great. We are being subjected to a lung-clogging haze as farmers practise slash-and-burn farming techniques, which are producing a smog of almost biblical proportions. Now is the time to take urgent action.

Of course, not leaving your car idling as you drop off little Johnny at school is a great way to at least cut some pollution. There are some other tips you could follow as well. Scientists at Utah University have been looking at the way we drive and where exhaust emissions are greater. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the younger ‘Boy Racer’ types who produce the most emissions but older, more experienced drivers (like me) who tend to be the most polluting.

The difference was not small either. Older drivers tended to produce about 50% more exhaust emissions than younger drivers, simply because the latter tend to accelerate more gently, brake more gently and use less power on hills. And don’t think that using electric cars would solve all of the pollution associated with cars; another study showed that users of electric cars tend to accelerate much faster than ICE-powered vehicles, leading to greater power usage and more pollution from tyre wear.


Of course, you could always use X-1R as well. The X-1R Engine Treatment is proven to reduce fuel consumption by 10% or more and their Fuel Treatment by about 2%, and both contribute to major reduction in exhaust emissions.

As an aside for all of you suffering the haze in Southeast Asia right now, you may want to spare a thought for your car as well. The car you drive is also breathing that lethal cocktail of noxious gases. It is getting into your fuel system and into your crankcase and into your air filtration systems. You may want to talk to your mechanic about using the X-1R Engine Flush the next time you go to get a service and having an air filter service as well.

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