Sex in Cars, the next Safety Hazard

Sex is keeping our Automologist, MAC, up at night…but not in the way you might think (or he might wish!).

I must be behind the times – I am still worrying about the hazards of drivers texting whilst driving and trying to select the ideal song from their playlist whilst in motion, leading to a fender bender. Now, whilst I was having a little surf on the wonderful internet – from my desk and not in my car, I must add – I came across a story from the frozen North, that is Canada, about another future hazard of automated cars for me to lose sleep over.


Honk if you’re horny!

Now that we have our hands off the wheel, we have more time to get handy, according to Barrie Kirk who is the head of Automated Vehicle Centre of Excellence in Canada. Kirk has a major concern that the new semi- autonomous cars will lull their occupants into a false sense of security, leading them to fully utilise their time performing carnal acts in their cars that really would be best undertaken at home or the local motel. This of course could bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “Honking Your Horn”!
“I am predicting that once computers are doing the driving there will be a lot more sex in cars.” ~Barry Kirk~

If you believe Kirk, the scenario in which occupants of a semi-autonomous vehicle decide to fully use their travel time “Honking their Horn” whilst the computer does the driving is a reality waiting to happen. Kirk adds that whilst semi-autonomous cars are capable of simple on-road tasks such as navigating, they are not yet capable enough to be left unsupervised; there is a need for the driver to stay alert and take control if needed.

According to Google, which is at the forefront of the new semi-autonomous driving technology, it takes a full 17 seconds for the driver to resume command of a vehicle when required, a figure I am sure would be increased significantly if there is a need for the occupants to de-couple first. Brings a whole new meaning – and spelling – to the word Carmasutra…


So when Google and Uber launch the AMOD service, will there be a population explosion?
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