Sensational Lamborghini Urus Launched in Malaysia

One of the most highly anticipated SUVs has just been launched in Malaysia, three months after its global debut. The Lamborghini Urus is here and it’s a magnificent display of brilliant engineering and captivating design.

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Chief Operating Officer of Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur, Marcus Chye, with Lamborghini Asia Pacific General Manager, Andrea Baldi, at the launch. 

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JH Italia is the sole Lamborghini sales, service and spare parts centre in Malaysia. Chief Operating Officer, Marcus Chye, said response is very encouraging and the company has received 30 orders since last December.

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“The response from Malaysian buyers is very positive and we expect to collect more bookings over the next two days. The main problem faced now is whether we can get the cars as the main factory in Italy is struggling to meet the high demand globally at the moment. We are trying to get the delivery as quickly as we can so that the buyers don’t get upset,” he told Bernama.

On-the-road price for the world’s first super sport utility vehicle is estimated at around RM1 million, without insurance and road tax.

The Urus is equipped with a new front-mounted, 4.0-litre petrol V8 twin-turbo aluminium engine – first in a Lamborghini – which reflects the desired usage range of the model.

This super SUV features an automatic eight-speed gearbox and with its 650 horsepower and 850Nm of torque, can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour (km/h) in 3.6 seconds, maxing out at 305 km/h.

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