Say Goodbye to the Ford Fiesta As It Makes Way for EVs

Ford has confirmed that the production of the Fiesta will come to a worldwide end by end of June 2023. In a Youtube video published on their Europe channel, the American car company bid a moving goodbye to the model that had been an icon for the brand for over four decades.

In the years between 2009 to 2020, Ford had sold 4.8million Fiestas in the UK and enjoyed 12 consecutive years as the best selling vehicle, but sales began to decline as the trend for SUVs took over. By 2018, Ford had stopped selling the Fiesta as well as the Focus and Fusion in their homeland.

The farewell video ends with a teaser for an upcoming all-electric model, which is likely to be the PUMA, an all-electric compact SUV.

A £1.5 billion investment will go into converting the plant in Cologne that currently makes the Fiesta into an EV manufacturing facility after the production of the Fiesta ends, and production will soon after commence on the PUMA slated for a 2024 arrival.

The PUMA will share some of the same components as Fords electric vans to keep it cost-efficient and adopt Volkswagen’s MEB electric architecture as part of a technical partnership between the two companies.

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