Save Fuel, Save Mother Earth…with X-1R Engine Treatment

With the steady rise in petrol and diesel prices globally, the car’s fuel consumption has become a major consideration among car buyers. To address this, carmakers have come up with more and more fuel-efficient models. But attaining fuel efficiency is not just about the design of engines; it is determined by the way the car is driven (driver’s habit), how well and how frequent the engine is maintained, the types of fuel and lubricants being used and, few people know, the type of additives or enhancers used.

Many car owners think that these enhancers—like engine, fuel and transmission treatments—are not needed and a waste of money. Well, this might be true if these car owners use the wrong brand of enhancers or additives. But not all additives are the same. There is a brand that is proven to deliver the efficacy it claims. Even the world’s most prestigious engineering organization, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), has been so impressed with one brand and has been using its product for the past 24 years. NASA has even accorded it the prestigious Space Technology Certification and the globally coveted NASA Hall of Fame Award. And this brand is X-1R.

X-1R is tested and proven to generate between 10-15% fuel savings, improve the engine’s operational efficiency, lengthen the life of engines and parts, reduce repairs and downtime costs, and here is one more benefit that benefits Mother Earth—it reduces harmful emissions by 85% and therefore helps reduce air pollution.

X-1R ’s key product is the X-1R Engine Treatment. It accounts for over 50% of X-1R’s global sales turnover. Please watch the infographic video at the top of this page. It will inform and impress you.

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