Rolls-Royce meets Haute Couture

Rolls-Royce’s first showroom was founded just a stone’s throw away from Savile Row, the centre of impeccable tailoring; so, even a century ago, illustrious customers could don their newly-tailored suits and stroll over to the coachbuilder to pick out embellishments for their new cars. Rolls-Royce says that the new Wraith line is “akin to commissioning a fine suit or elegant piece of couture.” Last year, 95% of all Wraith’s left the factory with some element of customisation.

No fashion-inspired car can make its debut without a glamourous photo shoot. The car’s two-tone exterior featuring Andalucian White and Arctic White blends in with the similarly white factory background. The Wraith’s pricetag starts at US$294,000 but this ‘haute’ model has an equally ‘high’ pricetag of US$362,025. So, just like haute couture, those who can’t afford it can just admire the glossy pictures:

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