Ride Hailing vs Car Ownership

Choosing between ride-hailing and owning your own car is like choosing between an apple and an orange for your health—one is no better than the other. Both offer different benefits to the end-user. There are many and more arguments brought forward by the exponents of both sides. And in recent years, with the rise of ride-hailing apps, the debate has gotten louder.

So, let’s take a look at the pro et contra of both sides. We shall start with ride-hailing: –

Ride-Hailing (Cons)

  • Sometimes, during rush hour, you have to wait for 30–40 minutes to get a ride.
  • Prices shoot up during rush hour so much that you contemplate the idea of walking.
  • Even more cars on the road throughout the day.
  • Still contributes to carbon emissions.
  • The driver does not follow the route even though his/her Waze is working, and you end up taking a longer time to reach the destination.
  • Sometimes, you’ll find yourself in a dirty car (understandable if it’s towards the evening or night, as the driver may have been out the whole day—but early in the morning?!)


Ride-Hailing (Pros)

  • At a tap on your smartphone, you get a ride at just about anywhere.
  • You don’t have to think about driving in traffic.
  • You don’t have to think about finding a parking spot.
  • You don’t have to think about servicing your car.
  • You don’t have to think about washing your car.
  • You get to pick the type of ride you want (as long as you’re willing to pay for it).
  • Offers galore by companies and brands—all at your fingertips.
  • Drivers are mostly friendly and helpful (why can’t we adopt the customer feedback feature for other public transport—why not, eh?)


Sooooo sooooo eeeeeasy

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Now here’s the Car Ownership Argument: –

Car Ownership (Cons)

  • Getting a loan—making sure you pay your bills, and credit scores are good.
  • Paying the loan—eat Maggi daily, towards month-end
  • Maintenance—fat chance finding a mechanic who is not gonna charge you a bomb for the service.
  • Parking—good luck finding one!
  • Toll—on all major roads.
  • Fuel—prices constantly fluctuating.
  • Your car is like the village bicycle for those who don’t have one.
  • Getting stuck in traffic to and fro work + your aircond is not working + temperature rising + low on fuel (shit happens!)


Car Ownership (Pros) 

  • A vehicle to call your OWN.
  • You go wherever and whenever you want.
  • Joining the car club brotherhood/sisterhood.
  • Brownie points with the in-laws
  • Even more brownie points with your petrol-head buddies.
  • Slap on some cool stickers to look the part.
  • Pedal to the Metal feeling.
  • Go on adventures and explore your country, or others.
  • Accessorize your ride any way you like (some people go overboard :D)
  • Take a selfie with your car and share with the whole FB and IG world (Dom Toretto would not approve, mind you.)

Freedom to go wherever you want to.

Image credit : browndandhudson.com

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Whichever option you choose, there’s the good and the bad that we have to take into consideration. So, which option would you choose and why?

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