Researchers Say: Self-Driving Cars Will Become MOVING BROTHELS

Researchers from the University of Surrey and the University of Oxford have released a conceptual paper: “Autonomous Vehicles and the Future of Urban Tourism.” In it, besides the usual benefits expounded by pro-autonomous-vehicle circles, the researchers suggest that the AVs could impact other industries. Hotels, for example, might find themselves in competition with the self-moving car. Restaurants too, as people can use the travelling time to dine. And, well, as is written in the title, brothels too.

The study suggests that the self-moving vehicles could potentially become a ‘pay-per-hour’ alternative to hotel rooms for doing the deed.

Is this the future SHAG MOBILE?

Will CARMASUTRA become a thing?!


The researchers write that while the shared vehicles would most likely be monitored to deter sex or drug-use inside them, they pointed out that “surveillance may be rapidly overcome, disabled or removed.” Aaand…we’re thinking a towel over the camera will do nicely. And then there could be private AVs, in which there would be no surveillance and one…or two…or more can do whatever they want freely.

The paper paints a picture of the future: “…motorways between cities could fill at night with slow-moving AVs carrying sleeping occupants and commercial sex in moving AVs becomes a growing phenomenon.”

So, when the future comes and you climb into the AV and wonder why the seats are a little bit sticky…you’ll know why.

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