Rapid KL Shames Misbehaving Commuters

Rapid KL, which operates the public rail and bus services in Malaysia, is taking a stand against commuters who disregard the rules of using public transport, specifically on its Facebook Page. The company, or perhaps its fiery social media administrator, has been posting pictures of misbehaving commuters, along with captions that gently chastises the culpable person, often to humourous effect.

Other commuters have responded strongly to the posts, with emotive comments, shared ire and mirth in equal measure, and perhaps more importantly, in agreement that Malaysians have to behave better when using public transport. Some commuters have taken it upon themselves to evidence instances of bad behaviour – ie. whip out their smartphones and snap a picture – so Rapid KL has a sort of crowd-sourcing going on for its growing image bank.

“Our dearest passengers (if you do not already know), plastic bags do not require a special seat on the train.”

The faces of the wrongdoer are usually obscured or digitally “disguised”, although some commenters have suggested that Rapid KL leave them identifiable. We’re not a particularly litigious society, but we don’t think that that would be wise.

Picture and pantun to get the message across:

The posts have incited robust discussions about public transport etiquette; for instance, how do you know whether to give up your seat for a seemingly pregnant woman, because she might just have a big tummy. Er, how about just be chivalrous and give your seat to the lady, regardless.

Dude, that is not a bed.

Dude, this is not your gym. 

Recently, another image of the like has gone viral. Nana Rashid was riding in the MRT when she saw a family who brought their own baby hammock and hung it (with baby inside, of course) from the hand-rail. Nana shared the images on Facebook, with the remark “Why not bring a mattress and quilt as well?”

Image source: Nana Abd Rashid via Facebook

When our public transport operator and commuters have to resort to Facebook shaming to get Malaysians to be civil, one realises how far behind we still are in this regard. Are we swines before whom pearls have been cast? Let’s hope not, because those “pearls” are costing us billions in taxpayers’ money.

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