Proton’s Sales on the Rise

The Proton Suprima S R3 wins the overall champion’s title at the Sepang 1000-km (S1K) Endurance Race 2017. 

With the recent hoo-ha of Perodua’s Myvi being launched and the overwhelming number of bookings it has already gotten, we have all but forgotten our national carmaker which has been quietly increasing its sales volume. As of November 30th, 66,190 units were sold compared to 65,069 in the same period last year—a 2% increase. The Saga and Persona models were the drivers for this growth, with 28,368 and 18,113 units sold respectively (YTD),  making up 70% of Proton’s total car sales.

Proton Saga looking to claim back the title of being the rakyat’s car. 

“We will continue to push ourselves harder in the coming months and we hope that customers will take advantage of the incredible year-end deals for Proton cars. Together with our partner, Proton has intensified quality improvement processes and efforts, with exceptional sharing of knowledge and skills, as well as the opportunity for our local team to be trained at Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co Ltd in China,” said Abdul Rashid Musa, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Up and up. 

At the grueling nine-hour endurance race at the 2017 Sepang 1,000-km Endurance Race last month, the reliability and durability of Proton cars were tested to the max, and the Proton Suprima S R3 emerged as the overall winner.

“Progress has been positive since Proton already own good and durable products. We shall keep working on further improvements in our cars and we look forward to also do better in providing customer satisfaction,” Abdul Rashid added.

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