Proton Wira Has Doors that Open Like a Lamborghini and Tesla

TikTok user @samthumpret3452 recently posted a video of a Proton Wira aeroback that had front doors like a Lamborghini’s and rear ones like that of a Mercedes 300SL Gullwing.

That’s not all—the Wira even spits fire from its exhaust.

This modification workshop in Taman Sri Muda, Section 25, goes by the name Sam Popular Workshop on Facebook and has made a name for itself by having customers who want to enter and exit their rides through scissor doors.

As you scroll down the FB page, you can see a Proton Iswara, Prpton Saga FLX, Honda SV4, Toyota Soarer and Mazda RX-8 with these doors. We spotted a BMW Z4. A Toyota Vios that spits fire. Check all these out too..

Also, there is a mention that they will be opening a branch somewhere in the south of Peninsular Malaysia to cater to customers in Johor and Singapore

Price? Well, we spoke to Mr. Sam and he said it all depends on the type of car and the work that needs to be done as each car has different panels and some are more intricate then others. Also, it would take time to complete the job as there are many projects lined up already.

This is one workshop that takes your ride and spices it up another level.

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