Proton turns to Nuclear Technology

No, there is not going to be a Proton pseudo DeLorean with a nuclear-powered flux capacitor that will propel you back to the future in…er…2015, to save your yet to be born son from prison. But the Malaysian carmaker will be collaborating with the nation’s nuclear agency, Nuclear Malaysia; Astro Awani reported that the partnership will lead to development of materials derived from the latter’s industry for the former’s utilisation. For now, they are looking at the use of cables and conductor technologies which can be transferred cross-industries, specifically advanced EB cross-linked HF/FR cables, alternative conductors using advanced aluminium and alloys, and the establishment of Proton Industrial and national standards for automotive cables.

Proton chief technical officer, Abdul Rashid Musa, believes that Nuclear Malaysia’s expertise will play a significant role in improving car safety and quality. Cable insulators based on Nuclear Malaysia’s technology has higher durability and strength, according to Abdul Rashid.

Nuclear Malaysia chief director, Datuk Dr Muhamad Lebai Juri, commented that as trade becomes more liberal, there is a need to develop innovative local products, comparable to imported alternatives. The agency says that it will assist Proton in becoming a competitive brand in the market, and the technology transfer could reduce dependence on imports while reducing outflow of funds from the country.

Muhamad Lebai added, “The research programme is in line with aspirations and pressure from the government to implement the concept of innovation, as well as the emphasis of local production as an agenda to stabilise the national economy with quality, technologically-advanced local products.”

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