Protect Your Car From Floodwater with…a Giant Plastic Bag?

With Malaysia experiencing some of the worse floods in recent history, the aftermath includes water-damaged vehicles. If the unfortunate car owner does not have to totally write off the vehicle, there are still going to be some hefty repair bills.

For the rest of us, if we have not included coverage for “acts of God” in our current vehicle insurance, we had better be prepared. Weather is notoriously unpredictable despite our meteorological department’s best efforts and it might not be so easy to evacuate our vehicle if a flash flood occurs. So, what can we do?

Well, here’s an interesting idea. Our neighbours in Thailand have caught on to this long before we have and that is…a GIANT PLASTIC BAG. Also known as Waterproof Car Bag or Flood-Safe Car Bag, it is essentially an impermeable plastic bag that is large enough to fit any vehicle from a compact car to an SUV.

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It does require at least three people to use it: two to hold the mouth of the bag open and one to drive the vehicle into the bag. After that, you simply “tie it up”  – after the driver exits the bag, of course – to prevent water from entering.

In Malaysia, you can find the bag being sold online for between RM300 (for compact cars) to RM500 (SUVs, MPVs and 4WDs).

It is apparently quite effective but there is a big BUT. While the car bag will be able to keep your car snug and dry during the worst floods, it will not be able to prevent your car from floating or being carried away by the currents, so you might still want to anchor it to something.

What do you think? Simply brilliant or just plain silly.

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