Probably the Best SUV on the Market

The Porsche Macan gets an update and Automologist MAC approves. 

It really is that good.

To many, anything that Porsche manufactures that does not have a massive powerplant sitting past the back wheels is more an Audi than a Porsche. But don’t listen to them. The Macan has fast become Porsche’s winning ticket and the vehicle that has enabled the sportscar maker to continue putting out mad GT3’s that can rev to 9000 rpm.

Since its introduction, the sales of the SUV have tripled that of the 911. It is probably safe to say as well that the cash generated by the phenomenal success of the ‘baby’ Porsche has enabled the 911’s and indeed the 718’s to become so very much better. The formula is pretty simple: build a high quality car at affordable prices. We are not talking edge-of-your-seat sports dynamics, but a car that delivers good design with common sense.

Of course, Porsche was a little late into the market; there was already the Audi Q5 and the VW Tiguan and even the Range Rover Evoque cluttering up the high-build-quality yet affordable offering market. All of these offered features that had been previously reserved for the more luxury end of the market. Porsche succeeded by offering the best car in the market segment, true to the company’s philosophy. It was never supposed to be a substitute for a 911 but just the best compact SUV on the market.

A whole new customer base has come to love the Macan, as I have—yup, I have one. Previously I have also owned a number of 911’s but with three young kids and football practice to attend…well, I just had to get practical for once in my life. I will get back into a 911 one day but for now, there is nothing like walking up to Doughboy (yup, that’s his name) after a hard day at work.


The Macan has been with us now for five years and in the car industry, that is a lifetime. There are already new Q5’s and Evoques out there and even the Jag F-Pace, so inevitably it was time for the Macan to receive a facelift. Trouble is, how do you improve something that is just so darned purrrfect?

At first glance, it is hard to see much of a difference, but then you read the specs and realise that those Teutonic geniuses over in Zuffenhausen have put most of the improvements under the skin of the beastie. There is a new 2-litre engine at the bottom of the range that puts out some 245bhp and no diesel at all. At the top of the range, the 3-litre V6 will now put out 354 bhp in the Macan S and we have been promised a completely insane A Turbo, GTS and a Turbo S with the top-of-the-range packing a 500bhp monster engine.

Old and new—the changes are subtle.

If you have never test driven one, it really is time to get down to your local dealer and treat yourself.

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