Almost 400,000KM and this Perodua Axia Still Runs Perfectly with X-1R

The X1-R brand has been in the Malaysian market for more than 26 years and in the almost three decades, accolades have been won, business partners have experienced exponential revenue growth and end-users have reaped the benefits for their cars, one of which is a Perodua Axia about to reach the 400,000-kilometre mark on the odometer.

Eddie with the X-1R Petrol Decarboniser and Engine Treatment.

This car is the daily driver (car for everyday use) for X1-R Sales Manager, Eddie How. He has had this car since 2015 and it has only used additives from X-1R from Day One. The products in particular are the X-1R Engine Flush, Engine Treatment, Petrol Decarboniser (formerly Petrol Treatment) and Octane Booster.

Eddie said, “By using these products, the engine runs at its optimal level with cleaner combustion and I save money too.”

Eddie also shared: “Most parts are original. I only changed the top valve gasket once and of course the wear and tear items like brake pads, tyres and battery have been changed. But my suspension setup has been the same since it came out of the factory.”

That’s 393,405 kilometres and still going strong.

To be exact, the mileage on this car is 393,405 kilometres as of writing. That is an average of 150 kilometres a day, everyday, since 2015. To keep his car in tip-top condition, as his work takes him all over Peninsular Malaysia, he uses “X1-R products at every service interval”.

“I trust the quality of the products and it has served me well over the years. Many of my clients have used the products and they are also endorsed by service managers whom I supply to. What more could you ask for?” he added.

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