Only Takes One Try

When Mr CK Lim was first introduced to X-1R products a year ago, he had his doubts. But after his regulars began espousing about X-1R products and urging him to sell them at his workshop, he decided to give it a try. The first time was when he used the Engine & Diesel Treatment for his own vehicle. The results were unbelievable: the car felt lighter and smoother.

“My car felt different after the first try! After that, I gained more confidence towards the brand,” Lim said. He has been using X-1R products ever since.

Besides running his 4×4 Specialist Workshop, CK Lim is involved in society work for the ‘Pasukan Sukarela Malaysia’ as a Lt (Rela) KPR in the Petaling Jaya area and also in the‘Pertubuhan Bomba Sukarela’
GRAB your X-1R and feel the difference yourself! Customers in the Sri Serdang area can look for Bengkel Kereta CK Lim (4×4 Specialist Workshop) in the Sri Serdang Industry Area.
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