Nissan’s Self-Parking Slippers, Table, Remote Control and Floor Cushion!

What did we tell ya? The world is moving towards autonomy at such a fast pace that Nissan is already developing “self-parking” slippers, table, TV remote control and floor cushion! The ProPILOT Park Ryokan hotel in Japan is where the automotive giant has these autonomous amenities at your beck and call, so to speak.

Slippers are neatly placed in the lobby for guests and will automatically return to their starting positions with the push of a button at the front desk. Tiny wheels and motors make the slippers move, and a wireless connection to a central hub commands the slippers to move when needed. Nice!

Cushions that move by themselves in this Japanese inn. No, it’s not haunted.

The tables, remote controls and floor cushions are all equipped with the same technology, and these “self-parking” conveniences are meant to raise awareness on autonomous vehicles.

Well, Nissan certainly looks like it is leading the pack in autonomous tech.

Check out the vid :

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