New Road Sign For Kuala Lumpur!

A new road sign catches MAC’s attention.

Feast your eyes on the latest addition to aid safety on the roads of Malaysia – the all new ‘Beware of Snatch Thief’ sign. Although the sign only refers to the one THIEF, I am sure that there are many of them out there. Truth be told, snatch thieves generally ride motorcycles and prey on ladies walking on the foot paths, so maybe this isn’t a road safety sign but a pedestrian safety sign.
Despite the streets of Kuala Lumpur failing to make any of the world’s ‘most dangerous places to visit’ lists, such as that published by the Business Insider, there is much talk around in the gerai makans (coffeeshops) about safety on the streets, particularly for women for two reasons: firstly, women rarely fight back and secondly, the handbag nearly always contains a purse and cellphone, amongst other ‘goodies’. But then there is an obvious question to be asked – if the Police know that this is a snatch thief area, why don’t they set up a trap and catch the miscreants?

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