New Parking App Ease Parking Woes for Beijing Residents

In any developing city, finding a parking space can be an agonising affair. In October of 2016, we reported on the Malaysian start-up company called Bayz,  a company that is looking to launch the very first parking sharing app. Now, in Beijing, one of the very first apps designed to better maximise the parking slots available has gone live in Huangsi No. 24 Community in downtown Beijing, where a community of 1,600 homes and 800 cars get to share a measly 400 parking bays.

 (Read also: Another Automotive First for Malaysia)The district is located next to a park and a number of popular restaurants and shops, so the residents have had to fight for spaces with non-residents, which of course has resulted in frustration, particularly for residents returning home in the evening and have had to park some distance from their homes.The Chinese-based app allows motorists to book a parking space and then guides them to the allotted space, thus ensuring the maximum use of all the spaces, although the problem of overstayers or un-booked parkers is still to be solved. Of course, the local residents are applauding the new service as it allows them to effectively block book a convenient parking space, but we’re sure that this will increase the frustration of local businesses, which will lose business as customers can no longer find parking in the area.The Malaysian version, which is yet to be officially launched, works in a slightly different manner. Bayz has an emphasis on off-road parking within existing multi-storey carparks of hotels and private condominiums, and also for private parking space owners as a way to maximise their revenue, whilst providing an easier parking experience to motorists who are just visiting the area—a win-win solution for all concerned.

Image credit: China Daily
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