New F1 Logo Fails to Impress

Even Automologist ATHERTON likes the old one better.  

Just after the conclusion of this year’s Formula 1 season with the Abu Dhabi GP, a new F1 logo was unveiled, much to the dismay of drivers and fans who felt that it doesn’t live up to the supreme motorsporting event. The new logo is painful to look at it. While the old logo represented F1 accurately, the new logo looks tired and subdued. Nothing to denote the frenetic pace that is F1.

World Champion Lewis Hamilton questioned the need for the logo change moments after it was revealed. “The one we had was an iconic logo,” the world champion said. “Just imagine if Mercedes or Ferrari changed their logo. I don’t think the new one is as iconic, but maybe it will grow on us.” We hope so, but I don’t think it will.

Even four-time World Champion, Sebastian Vettel had this to say: “I liked the old one better.”

When I typed “F1” in Google, the old logo pops up:

Even Google has a hard time letting go…

Fans are not happy with the new logo. Some say it is “hideous”, “lame” and some are calling for a petition to revert to the old logo, the one that fans the world over are familiar with.

However, some fans welcome the change by tweeting: “The design matches the status of the sport—evolving to meet the demands of today’s sports fans.” and “This new brand works across digital channels in a way the old logo didn’t. The old logo was awesome but it is a bit dated too.”

Most people are okay with subtle changes that are refreshing. Note that I said ‘subtle changes’. But drastically changing the look and feel of the logo doesn’t sit well with me.

F1 Commercial Chief, Sean Bratches, defended the revamp. “We are trying to reposition F1 from a purely motorsport company to a media and entertainment brand with the heart and soul of a race car driver in the middle of it,” he said.

Ellie Norman, F1’s Marketing Director, explained the thinking behind the design. “It takes its inspiration from the low-profile shape of the car, two cars crossing a finish line,” she explained. “It’s incredibly bold and simple.”

As Valtteri Bottas quite rightly asks, “What was wrong with the old one?”. I too would like to know the answer, and the answers above don’t justify the change of motorsports’ most iconic logo.

Which logo do you prefer? Tell us in the comment box below.

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