NASA History: 60 Years of Space Tech, X-1R and Us

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was founded to beat the Russians in the space race. But regardless of the actual intent, we have all benefitted from this curiosity or competitiveness.

In the 60 years that NASA has been in existence, since 1 October 1958, many technologies that were invented to help us “boldly go where no Man has gone before” have been adapted for everyday use back on Earth: camera phones, GPS, CAT scans, wireless headsets, memory foam, and baby formula, just to name very few amongst numerous others.

The great thing is that NASA is glad to share its discoveries with the world. In a little-known division in the space agency, all of its achievements are curated to be shared with the public. The History Office, created not very long after the agency itself, has been the steward of NASA’s archives and with the advent of the internet, we are able to access this information online:

Visit NASA History Office


We did a quick search on its online site for our sponsor X-1R and the spin-offs from the original X-1R Crawler Track Lube magically appeared in the results. There were: –

As we now set our sights on Mars, the space quest continues and so do the scientific discoveries and inventions, as well as the History Office archives.

Such as this car tyre, which doesn’t really wear, doesn’t get a puncture and never need re-inflating:

Read about the Tyre that Lasts FOREVER that NASA is designing.


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Happy (ok, Belated) Birthday, NASA. Thanks for everything!

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