‘MySikap’ Fails, AGAIN?!

Epic fail?

Guest writer, EUGYNE, vents his frustration at a failed government system that supposedly cost more than MYR200 million.

It has always been a hassle for Malaysians to buy or sell a vehicle. It is almost impossible to carry out all the necessary transactions yourself, unless you are willing to take a day off work and then waste it away in long queues.

Recently, the Malaysian Road Transport Department (JPJ) implemented the ‘MySikap’ system to help Malaysians overcome this stressful difficulty. ‘MySikap’ is an online portal intended for users to quickly and efficiently manage vehicular and driving license transactions, for the sake of convenience.

But what will you say if I told you that the system made the situation even worse? Yes, it is happening! And yes, the problems have not been resolved even after 3 weeks!

I have a lot of questions to ask:
1) Why does it always FAIL? (My first BIG question!)

2) Why launch the system before it is ready? Shouldn’t they implement trial runs before it is launched? (I have never heard of a system trial run, ever!)

3) Why make people suffer? (It was already a terribly inconvenient system and now it is made worse?!)

4) Why did they engage incapable service providers that could not foresee the hiccups? (Or are there other reasons? Oops…)
5) Why not maintain the previous ‘Sikap’ system until ‘MySikap’ is ready for implementation? (Is it because they never admit their own mistakes or exist in self-deception?)

6) Is there any one who will step forward to take up the challenge of resolving the issue? (After 3 weeks, I have not read any news that convey genuine information from the authorities.)

I believe that Malaysians will have many other questions on their minds now, including ‘what next’? No one really knows. For the ordinary citizens, they can put their plans to sell or buy on hold for the moment. As for the commercial traders, including car dealers, they cannot wait. The only thing they can do is trudge to the JPJ offices every early morning to queue and wait for things to get done. Who knows, maybe they might get things done within a day?

images: jpj.gov.my, freemalaysiatoday.com

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