Movies that Killed the Most Vehicles

Automologist SU puts together her favourite snippets of cars “dying” in movies. Remember to blink…or don’t, when you watch these amazing crash and action scenes.  

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

A total of 532 cars were destroyed in this movie but in reality, these cars were already heading for the junkyard. The cars were donated to Michael Bay because they were already damaged anyways.


Matrix Reloaded

General Motors loaned 300 cars to the makers of Matrix Reloaded, which were finally written off from the company’s books.


Fast & Furious

More than 1000 cars were destroyed since the first Fast and the Furious, that is more than one every minute. Number of cars killed in Fast Five – 260.


A Good Day To Die Hard

£7.2 million is the total bill amount for 132 vehicles destroyed, plus 518 badly damaged in this fifth sequel of Die Hard.


G.I. Joe : The Rise of the Cobra Snake Eyes

112 cars destroyed in this movie, not to mention the flipping and ninja action the cars had to do.



Spectre might not have killed many cars, but it did destroy seven specially designed Aston Martin sports cars along with others, which were estimated at £24 million in total.

This Aston Martin has been hung out to dry by its makers.

Bad Boys 2

Another Michael Bay movie. This movie crashed around 20 cars and a boat in the first four minutes.


Final Destination 2

This crash has everything in it – logs flying off a flatbed and one of it penetrating a windshield and the driver, a biker slipping and getting crushed, the barrel roll, the sideswipe, the front flip, the explosion, the eighteen wheeler jack-knifing, the sloppy barrel roll, the impromptu convertible and the Mack Truck advancing through the flames – all to create a devastating car crash scene. Don’t watch if you’re not into gory scenes, like I am. 


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