(more awesome) Advertising on Wheels

Add mobility to a good advertisement, and effectiveness is doubled. After our last article on laugh-out-loud funny and creative ads on wheels, we found even more of them that are worth sharing.

1. As fast as a sports car

It’s a sports car! Wait. No. It’s a PICTURE of a sports car stuck on the side of a DHL van! Of course, DHL means this as an analogy that the humble truck has a mentality of a sports car as it zooms from one delivery to another.


2. Red light = pain

We tend to associate the colour red to danger and pain (because it is the colour of blood?). This Aspirin ad uses the red brake lights to illustrate intense headaches quite effectively, and proposes its ‘extra strength’ product as a remedy.

3. Perfectly placed

The wheel bears a remarkable similarity to a camera lens, so much so that it took us two blinks to realise what this picture really was.

What’s a plane doing on public roads?! Oh, wait, it’s another picture of a vehicle stuck to an actual vehicle. The wheels of the bus and plane go round and round.

How apt it is to use this bendy bus (or articulated bus, if you prefer) to demonstrate the flexible stem of a toothbrush.


4. Nice…headlights

We published this picture before somewhere in this blog, but we felt it was worth showing twice. We haven’t looked at headlights quite the same way since…


5. This one is tricky, but when aligned…

These two buses apparently have routes that overlap, but it will take perfect timing and making sure that the correct one is always on the left and the other on the right. When they are aligned, though, it forms a witty ad. No one said that finding your perfect match is easy and neither is pulling off this ad, but when it happens, it’s wonderful.


6. Another door-centric ad

Another ad that speaks for itself, but we imagine the door sliding right and left, again and again, which means…okay, so it’s probably just us. We’ll try to get our minds out of the gutter.


7. Dangerous animals on the loose

Help! A tiger has escaped and is ripping the bus to shreds! OR…it could be an ad by Perth Zoo to get more people to come see the animals in a safe environment…or is it?


8. Pizza boxes

The box on the back of this Domino’s Pizza bike in Dubai is made to look like an oven. It implies that the pizzas are always delivered fresh and hot?

We wonder if other road users would make way for this Pizza Hut delivery bike if his countdown is nearing zero.

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