MINI Creates One-Only Cooper as a Royal Wedding Gift

What do you give a pair of soon-to-be newlyweds who have everything? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have between them oodles of good looks, fame, fortune and royal titles, and they will soon become man and wife on May 19th. What gift could you bring them that would not look inferior on the gift table? What would, say, a British carmaker called MINI give them?

A specially designed one-only 2-door Mini Cooper, that’s what.

A distinctively unique feature of the super limited Mini Cooper is the hand-applied graphic on the roof, juxtaposing the Union Jack and the Stars & Stripes (that is, the flags of the UK and the USA) together to signify the union of the British prince and his American lady. The rest of exterior is Crystal White with chrome detailing. When the doors are opened, a “Just Married” sign is projected onto the ground.

3D-printed parts as well as lovey-dovey embroidery complete the interior, sheathed in grey leather. The bride and groom’s names and wedding date are incorporated into a wide trim strip in front of the front passenger, and the roof design can be found on the inside in bits.

While the car is one-of-kind, the company offers some of the custom features found in the car as part of its personalisation option.

But the royal couple would definitely not be getting to the church in this. In fact, they probably would not get into it at all. After the wedding, the car will be auctioned off and proceeds will go to the Children’s HIV Association. Yes, they love helping people too. How can there be two people so perfect? (No, this writer is not bitter at all.)

images: via Foxnews; MINI

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