Microwaves Could Save the Combustion Engine, Slow Electrification of Vehicles

There are all sorts of ideas on how to improve and enable human mobility whilst saving the planet for future generations. Electric vehicles are being pushed to the front lines of that initiative, although they are not without their very own set of problems.

Now comes along another proposition by a company called Micro Wave Ignition (MWI). The technology, as the company’s name suggests, uses pulsed microwaves instead of traditional spark plugs to achieve a more efficient combustion process; MWI claims that this tech can reduce petrol consumption by 30% and emissions by up to a whopping 80%.

Here’s how it works:

Many other fanciful ideas have emerged recently and, like them, MWI sounds almost too good to be true. But shining the spotlight on this potential saviour of the combustion engine is one of the most prominent persons in the auto industry. Wendelin Wiedeking was CEO of Porsche from 1993 to 2009, and was at the helm when the carmaker ventured into SUV-making, ie. its revival and healthy profit-making. So, when he says something works, the ears in the industry perk up.

Could THIS technology kill the Electric Vehicle?

It takes carbon dioxide out of the air!


Wiedeking was quoted by Automotive News saying that he was “convinced that MWI is a disruptive innovation with a huge market potential”. He is also, of course, an investor in MWI.

MWI is now shopping for a buyer and partner to advance the tech into potential widespread adoption. It is rumoured that the startup is in talks with automakers from South Korea and China.

If MWI’s technology works, it can be integrated into existing ICE architecture and transportation infrastructure. If so, it could slow down the rush towards electrification of vehicles and roads. Why reinvent the wheel when a bit of retooling will do?

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