MG Powers Ahead in Europe

Sales for MG are powering ahead in Europe as the Chinese-owned company with the London HQ continues its rapid sales expansion in the region after merging its UK business with its European sales operation.

In the UK, MG had a dual focus with a mix of ICE and EV offerings; the European sales, though, are almost all EVs now that both operations fall under the purview of Michael Wang, the longtime manager for the UK.

Up to the end of September, MG has managed to almost double its sales from 38,000 to 72,000, which is of course pretty impressive, particularly when you consider that they are now in front of brands such as Porsche and Land Rover. Some 53% of those sales came from the UK, a number that now puts them in 12th place for UK car sales, ahead of other luminaries such as Mini, Fiat, Mazda, Renault, Volvo and Tesla.

MG thinks that it can achieve up to 50,000 sales in the UK alone this year, but could achieve much more were it not for a lack of cars to sell as supply chain woes continue to impact the car industry (you have to wait 12 months for an MG in Thailand).

The bestseller, for now, is the MG ZS with 29,000 units sold, but the company think this may be supplanted next year with the arrival of the new MG4 compact hatchback, a segment that always does well in Europe.

The MG4 EV is not cheap, though, coming in at GBP26,000, but with supply just starting this month, they have already pre-sold 8,500, all due for delivery before Christmas. Well done, MG.

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