Men Who Think The Size of Their Member is Small Find Sports Cars More Desirable

You might have seen a guy in a flashy sports car and thought to yourself that he is compensating for what is lacking elsewhere in his life…or on his body). Well, a new research shows that you could be right.

Researchers from the Department of Experimental Psychology in University College London tested this theory in a study which title does not mince words: “Small Penises and Fast Cars: Evidence for a Psychological Link“.

In what some people might describe as a cruel experiment, the researchers gave 200 males participants, ages 18 to 74, random facts followed by the task of rating different products based on desirability. The men were told that it was an experiment on how people are able to remember facts while shopping for products.

In testing the hypothesis that men who thought their penises were relatively small have a higher desire for sports cars —and not due to a general lack of esteem—they were also asked to rate other luxury goods after being told other facts that could manipulate their self-esteem.

But the key fact was a false statistic about penis length. The global average penis length is about 5.5 inches but one group of participants was told that it was 7 inches and the other group was told that it was 4 inches. They were then asked to rate sports car on how desirable they were.

The key finding: Amongst the group who were made to believe that the average penis length was longer (and therefore their own were shorter), those who were above the age of 30 rated the sports cars significantly higher. The effect does not reduce with age.

In the conclusion, the study stated: “The luxury automotive industry may be unwilling to acknowledge this link, but our results do provide some succour.”

And if you are offended by this study, hey, don’t shoot the messenger.

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