Meet Graham, the Man Who Would Survive a Car Crash

It’s too bad that humans did not evolve to survive a car crash, even though some drivers really should be removed from the gene pool. Human bodies are fragile and requires plenty of external protection to minimise damage in the event of a collision, hence the slew of safety features on modern vehicles today.

The Transport Accident Commission of Victoria, Australia wondered what humans would look like if they had evolved to survive a car crash and commissioned a sculpture to be made. The result was…Graham.

While Graham might not get many right swipes on Tinder, he can handle the forces from car crashes better than any man (or woman) out there. The head is the most significant part of the body that gets injured and even with external protection, the brain keeps moving forward inside the skull and smashes the front before bouncing backwards and injuring the back too. (If you haven’t yet, watch the 2015 movie Concussion that dramatises the real-life story of American football players who suffered brain damage from playing the game.)

So, Graham gets a reinforced skull that folds over the front to prevent brain damage and because the neck is also another part of the body prone to injury, his was simply removed altogether.

The lungs and other internal organs in the torso area are padded with airbags between each rib, and is then covered with folds of fat. We’re not sure how the extra 10 set of nipples would help in a car crash, but Graham has them. His knees bend in all directions so they would not break when being forcefully bent in an accident.

Graham may not be a looker, but he sure is a survivor.

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