McLaren Launches Supercar for Kids

In the world of automotive, when you hear the name McLaren, you would probably think of Formula One cars hurtling around the track or even one of the world’s greatest supercars. Now, though, the British sports car maker has launched a version of its latest model just for children.

The diminutive beastie even has its own name, the McLaren 720s “Ride-On”. This is no pedal car of old, though, but a fully equipped electric-powered kid’s version that, according to the company, was built to drive and feel just like one of its supercars. They should know; after all, it was tested at a track in Anglesey, which is in North Wales.


Available in a choice of eight colours and sporting the dihedral doors, the “Ride-On” can already be ordered, presumably to avoid the Christmas rush. The final version will come with an infotainment system that can play music and films, along with remote access that will allow a parent to take over control should that be necessary.

Now even the youngest generation can mix it up on the tarmac with the pros. What could possibly go wrong?

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