Matt LeBlanc to front Top Gear

Evans, you’re out of here! 

As soon as Chris Evans announced his departure from Top Gear, barely 24 hours after the last episode aired, the rumour mill began churning and spitting out names of potential replacements for the not-very-liked ex-host of the world’s favourite car show.

Even though we ran a story about the possibility of Jeremy Clarkson and friends returning over here at Automology, we kind of figured that assuming that Matt LeBlanc returned for the franchise’s 24th season, he would be the top pick for the number one job. So, no surprises then that it looks like the American is here to stay; well, at least for the next two seasons, that is; according to an announcement from the venerable BEEB (BBC to you non-Brits out there) has signed a contract for the 24th and 25th seasons. Even though he is American and thus by definition knows nothing about real cars, the director of BBC’s studios, Mark Linsey, believes that LeBlanc’s humour and passion for cars was the one saving grace of last year’s debacle.

It now looks like the show will revert to the trio of main presenters that proved popular with Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson, with Chris Harris and Rory Reid coming in to be the foils for LeBlanc’s wit. There will also be regular slots for Eddie Jordan, Sabine Schmitz and of course our old friend, The Stig.

We would still relish the return of Clarkson and gang but that looks about as possible as our Automologist MAC winning a Miss Universe Pageant. However, with a slightly rejigged line-up bereft of the prima donna Evans and his alleged tantrums, perhaps the show can get back to business and hopefully win a few new fans.

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