Marussia renamed Manor Racing

Marussia owners’ request to change the team name has been granted, which means that this season, the British-based team will race with a new name. The team’s official Twitter account tweeted: “Delighted to announce MANOR RACING: that’s what we’re here for.”

The team’s earlier iteration was as Virgin Racing in 2010, before being renamed Marussia after transfer to Russian ownership.

Powered by Mercedes engines, built on Williams’ drivetrains and sporting a brand new chassis, it will be interesting to see if the re-baptized team will be able to make progress this year – perhaps beating newcomer Hass, leapfroging Sauber, and engaging with McLaren-Honda and Toro Rosso.

The new chassis designation will be MRT and the new logo is a simple black & white logo that resembles tracks, coincidence or not.

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