Maria Ozawa Blasts Uber Driver for Stalker-ish Behaviour

Former adult film star, Maria Ozawa, who has made the Philippines her home, has taken an Uber driver and the company he drives for to task on social media. She said that this is not the first time that she has had unpleasant encounters with transport network vehicle (TNV) drivers, including those from Uber’s rival, Grab.

In this particular incident, the Uber driver texted the actress and said he had gotten her number from another driver. This is the text message from the driver to her:

She was absolutely livid over the unprofessionalism, considering that she is a customer, and immediately called the company, but found it hard to get through. So, she posted this on her social media page:

Following that, Uber contacted Ozawa, and she updated her followers in another post:

The driver has also apologised to her publicly:

“Ma’am, I’m sorry I did that. I have no intention of harassing you or texting you. I just saw you on my inbox then I texted you. I have no intention. For now, I am banned…” 

Ozawa said she hopes that the incident won’t ever happen again—to her or anyone—and the driver should realize that he did something “really wrong”. She hopes that he learnt his lesson and that Uber should regard and manage the incident as a “big problem”.

Yep, unless and until you get CONSENT from the passenger, DON’T text or call.

Here an interview with her about the incident, with Raffy Tulfo of News5:



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