Man Rams Police Car After Getting Caught for Khalwat

A 44-year-old man and his 25-year-old girlfriend were arrested after he rammed his four-wheel-drive vehicle into a police car in Melaka yesterday.

Alor Gajah police chief Ashari Abu Samah said the incident occurred at about 9.45pm because the couple were afraid of being caught for “khalwat” (close proximity).

He said the two policemen, who were on patrol in the area, came across the Ford Ranger in a secluded and dark spot. They then stopped their vehicle behind the 4WD and turned on the beacon light.

“However, the driver refused to cooperate and tried to escape by reversing his vehicle, hitting the patrol car in the process,” he said, according to Bernama.

Ashari said the “strong collision” shattered the windscreen and damaged the front door of the patrol car.

The couple is being investigated for obstructing the police from discharging their duties.

In a separate news, another couple also in Melaka fled the police after being caught in a similar situation and crashed their vehicle into a river.

The male suspect swam across the water and ditched his girlfriend on the other side.

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