Man Burns Incense for Good Luck but Bids His BMW Good Bye After It Went Up In Smoke

A man accidentally ‘burned’ his brand new BMW when he lit incense sticks close to it and left them unattended.


We assume he wanted to celebrate the joyous occasion and offer thanks to the heavens that he was able to purchase a luxury car that cost almost half a million yuan (nearly US$80,000).

The unnamed guy from Yangzhou in the Jiangsu province of eastern China was photographed outside his home, where he and an elderly woman laid a red cloth on top of the BMW’s hood before putting dishes containing various items which appeared to be offerings to the gods.

“I just lit some joss sticks. It was very far (from the car). Twenty minutes later a neighbour told me my car was on fire,” the man told the police.

Sadly, the car is totally beyond repair. Goodbye, BMW! Goodbye $80,000!

Image credit – South China Morning Post
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