Malaysian Army Uses Drones to Remotely Ensure Compliance

Did we wake up in an episode of Black Mirror?

During the first week of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia, let’s be honest, we Malaysians didn’t take it very seriously. The Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) was soon called upon to help ensure compliance and 7,500 of its personnel around the country were mobilised to assist the police. But even that wasn’t enough, so they are turning to technology.

The MAF will be deploying drone and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology to monitor, initially, twelve “hotspots”, ie. places where there are “people are still stubborn” and not complying with the MCO, according to MAF Chief, Jen Tan Sri Affendi Buang. He didn’t disclose where those hotspots were nor how many drones are being used, but did say that some of them were government assets while some will be loaned from local industry players.

The drones, according to Jen Affendi, can operate up to an hour and capture footage of the violater, and help determine where to deploy army personnel. On top of that, the drone is equipped with a loudspeaker, so the authorities can chastise the public remotely.

From the demonstration, it is looking very Big Brother-ish…

Wouldn’t be surprised if they add a taser to the drone. Does anyone else feel like they are living an episode of Black Mirror?

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