Malaysia Introduces Drive-In Cinema To Maintain Social Distance

Automologist LING has never been to one but looks forward to it. 

I’ve only seen drive-in cinemas in, ironically, the movies. Growing up in the eighties, Grease was one of those movies that my family watched on repeat. Of course, one of the scenes I remember clearly took place at the drive-in theatre where Danny tries to make a move on Sandy…

You go, Gurl! No means NO.


But there was never an actual drive-in cinema in Malaysia as far as I could remember. My significantly older significant other remembers one in existence in the late seventies in Malacca. (Any of our readers have a clue?) Under normal circumstances, the authorities of Malaysia would unlikely have allowed drive-in cinemas where, in the privacy and relative obscurity of the car, all sorts of “indecent behaviour” could happen (eg. what Danny did).

But we have a new normal now and social distancing is it. Senior Minister (Security Cluster) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob has announced the re-introduction of a cinema-viewing method that would abide by new procedures amidst the pandemic. With the new SOP, visitors will remain in their vehicles at all times, including driving-thru to collect food ordered online. RELA (People’s Volunteer Corps) personnel will be present to help facilitate vehicle movement and, I presume, make sure that there is no hanky panky going on.

More details will be forthcoming from the Minister of Communication and Multimedia, and Housing and Local Government, but it appears that drive-in cinema operators/organisers are raring to go:

While the “walk-in” cinemas have been allowed to reopen, cinema-goers have to abide by the social distancing rule, regardless of whether they are there with people whom they live with or a person they have been snogging (meaning, any virus transmission would likely have happened already).

But the drive-in cinema lets you once again hold hands and share popcorn, which is half the fun of going to the movies.

So, I’m quite looking forward to experiencing my first drive-in cinema and I promise that I’ll be a good girl and not do a Danny.

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