Mad Mike’s BULL Conquers South Africa

Pro drifter Mad Mike from Red Bull has proven once again that he is Ken Block’s equal. In this latest action-packed video, Mad Mike heads to spectacular South Africa with his revered Mazda RX-8.

Located east of Cape Town, this road traverses across a breath-taking mountain range and thanks to its flowing corners, proved the perfect place for Mad Mike to show off his precision driving skills at speeds of up to 248 km/h (154mph).

“The drive itself was just crazy. I can compare it a bit to Conquer the Crown – a very successful project we did back home that was a game-changer for drifting because of the credibility the sport got for the precision driving. The scenery is very similar, but this road was far more raw, with like massive cliff-drops and not much run-off. Not much space for error,” Mad Mike said.

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