M-Power Technique Takes Your Car to the Next Level

Bandar Sunway (Sunway City) in Malaysia is well-known worldwide for the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, but what people might not know, unless they are a car enthusiast, is that just a stone’s throw away from the park is a bustling automotive scene. This is one of the best places—or even the place—to get your ride, from a stock standard unit to a track weapon.

If you’re not into that, there’s still something for you. If you just want your car to look cool, here is where you can customise it according to your preference and budget. It’s a veritable automotive haven for folks who want a suspension upgrade, ecu remap, tyres and rims of every design and size, engine rebuild, paint and bodykit shops, and the list goes on.

In our feature today, we highlight a shop that caters to both Continental and Japanese makes. M Power Technique offers services such as engine ECU Tuning, suspension upgrade, top overhaul and such. We had a chat with Lucas Ho, who oversees the outlet.

A : Could you tell us a bit about the company and how it started?

LH: This branch here in Sunway is the second outlet under the M-Power Technique brand. Our headquarters in Cheras started almost 9 years ago. Our workshop here began operations just 3 years ago. We mainly cater to customers who like to get their cars upgraded to have more of a ‘racing’ kind of feel.

A: Are most of your customers racing fans then?

LH: I wouldn’t say that but a good 30%  are gearheads, which is to say that they want their cars to be tricked out with the right suspension or maybe an ECU remap, which are some of the services that we offer.

A: We see a lot of Continental makes in your workshop.

LH : Yes, I would say that 85% of the cars here are ‘contis’ like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and so on.

A: And what about your service packages?

LH : That’s a core of our business. We do have our own in-house packages that we do from time to time. For instance, if there’s a certain holiday period. We are also big on the reconditioned Alphards and Vellfires whereby owners just want their car to be well taken care of. Those we get between 1 to 2 cars per day.

A : We see that you’re doing a suspension upgrade to Honda Civic Type R?! That’s really something.

LH: Yes, the car is awesome as it is. But there are still certain elements that can be tuned according to what an owner wants. For this Civic, the whole suspension has been upgraded; the owner likes to hit the tracks when they allocate their time on weekends.

Lucas getting the car prepped for added bite

A: Finally, what is or are the key ingredients of running a successful workshop?

LH: Discipline. That is the most vital component. Not only in running a workshop but in life too. Whatever profession you’re in, discipline is of utmost importance. You also have to learn…have the heart to learn. Last but not least, is service. It’s easier said than done because service is how you treat others. There are many well-established workshops around this area alone but how you fare is through your service to the client, to your staff, your suppliers and others.

So folks, if you want to get your ride taken to the next level or just for a regular service, paying a visit to M-Power Technique is a good idea.

M-Power Technique is located at 30, Jalan PJS 11/3, Bandar Sunway, 46150, Selangor, Malaysia. You can get in touch with them at +603-5621 0205 or +603-5621 0126.

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