Love the Car but Where Do I Put My Handbag?

This question is asked by our very male (last we checked) Automologist, MAC. 

For about half of the global population, the placement of a handbag may not be a pressing concern, but what about the rest of the market? How can car manufacturers simply ignore the other half of the world’s population?

This is the burning question over at Citroen these days, where new boss, Linda Jackson—yes she is a woman—is actively canvassing the views that ladies have on car interior requirements. Linda is very much a car ‘guy’ who is known to appreciate a good drive in a car with a decent engine, but as a handbag-carrying lady has always asked the question: “Where do I put my handbag?”

As the first female CEO of the French carmaker, Citroen, she openly admits that when she gets into a car, she looks at things slightly differently than her male colleagues. Apparently, they will enthuse about the engine and handling whereas she will look for storage options and ask herself: “Where can I store things” and “Do I feel safe?”

The British head of Citroen, who assumed the helm back in 2014, has been championing the inclusion of more women in the traditionally male-dominated ‘sport’ of car design. Of course, with half of the world’s driving population being women and over 70% of car-buying decisions being influenced by women, she has a very good point.

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I have a small concern, though. Junk has a way of expanding to fill the space allotted to it—just get in my mum’s car, you would know what I am talking about. All of that junk amounts to excess weight, which ultimately leads to lowered fuel economy; there is also the hazard of unsecured items becoming shrapnel in the event of an accident.

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But don’t think space and storage considerations are solely a feminine trait. Even when this hairy-chested petrolhead (me) went shopping for a new car, I had to consider the requirements of my family and where to put stuff, and having a cargo net in the back was an absolute must. So, it is not just the ladies who need to be able to stow stuff and we applaud Linda for helping out all of humanity.

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