Loomo – Your Personal Robot Butler

Segway has given its fans a brand new transporter in the shape of a robotic butler. It’s a smaller personal transporter compared to a traditional Segway. Being AI-powered, this self-balancing machine can auto-follow its owner, avoid obstacles and has a personality to boot. Think of it as your own personal sidekick.

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Loomo responds to voice commands like ‘Loomo, follow me” / “Loomo, let’s go” and has facial recognition capability too.

You’ll be able to take photos and record stabilized HD video with its internal 64GB hard drive. More importantly, it gets from point A to B with relative ease.

You won’t be blitzing through places, though, as it tops out at 11 mph in vehicle mode and 4.3 mph in robot mode.

With a battery capacity of 329kWh, it has a range of 22 miles on a single charge.

To navigate, its infrared and ultrasonic sensors detect obstacles, scans its surroundings in 3D and converts the data into 2D.

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Currently running on Android SDK, Andorid and iOS smartphone users will be able to download an app to remotely control their robot over a Wi-Fi network.

You’ll also be able to view your surroundings and speak to passersby through Loomo’s speakers. Cool, huh?

With a price of US$1,799 but an early bird offer of US$1,299 via Indiegogo, you would be the very first to get your hands on your own personal R2-D2.

The difference is, this time it’ll be able to carry you too.

Image credit – www.newatlas.com
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