Live at Sea on the Residential Ship, MV Narrative

It may look like just another cruise ship with its cabins, onboard restaurants, entertainment and wellness facilities, but the MV Narrative is more than that. The 753-foot vessel that has entered its engineering phase is going to be a small but bustling town on the sea. The shipmaker, Storylines, offers 547 permanent residences onboard and they are apparently selling out.

The size of the suites start from 237 sq ft to keep the entry level pricing “affordable”, and by that they mean US$1 million. At the top of the range is a two-story, four-bed 1,970 sq ft unit that is going for US$8 million. On top of that, there will be an annual fee of US$2,600 per guest per year.

Residents will have access to various facilities that they are accustomed to having on land, such as a post office, school, library, hospital, bank and office spaces. And as is expected of a cruise ship, there are plenty of dining, entertainment and wellness amenities, including a solar-powered hydroponic garden, cinemas, casino, microbrewery, spa, gym, even an anti-aging clinic and, of course, numerous swimming pools, amongst others.

MV Narrative will sail the world and all six continents, spending extended time at various port of calls, although the itinerary for its maiden voyage is still undetermined.

While many of you might think “this is not for me”, this sounds like a dream for many people and not just retirees. It could be (wealthy) individuals, couples and families who enjoy being on a permanent holiday or who can make money without following a 9 to 5 schedule in a typical office—a digital nomad or investor, for instance. Storylines said that they are giving “global travelers the ability to live out their passion for exploration while still maintaining work, family and home life.”

The MV Narrative is expected to set sail as soon as 2025.

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